Anasift Technology's mission is to develop optimization tools that remove the design productivity bottleneck of analog IC and assure accurate silicon implementation through optimization of the analog design for manufacturability.

Anasift was founded by Dr. J. J. Hsu. Dr. Hsu’s doctorate research was on analog circuit symbolic analysis and its applications in analog design optimization.

He has discovered break-through approaches in analog symbolic analysis and a proprietary algorithm for analog design optimization, which makes analog design optimization and synthesis feasible. Dr. Hsu has accumulated the deepest insight in the control mechanism to glue and manipulate Anasift’s optimization algorithms together into AMPSO, the industry’s most powerful optimization system for analog IC building blocks.

Dr. Hsu earned his B.S. in E.E. from National Taiwan University and his Ph.D. in E.E. form Yale University and University of Washington.


One of Anasift’s fundamental breakthroughs is that optimization is integrated with symbolic transfer functions which predict poles and zeros well. This breakthrough achieves not only the highest performance results, but achieves the fastest convergence times. Anasift's optimization tool also integrates with Anasif't AASPICE analog simulation engine which is fine-tuned for optimization.

The complicated analog solid-state system is represented symbolically in AMPSO. Imbedded within AMPSO is the Anascope symbolic analysis engine. Anascope analyzes a SPICE netlist and automatically extracts the symbolic transfer functions and symbolic pole/zero expressions. The AMPSO Optimization Engine, through a series of successive iterations of optimization, optimizing the symbolic representation to meet the design requirements. Once the goals are met, AMPSO can output a SPICE netlist or an EDIF300 schematic format to fit into user’s standard design flow such as the Cadence analog environment.

AMPSO: The High Performance Analog Optimization Tool
AMPSO-OADFM: Optimization Tool of Analog Design For Manufacturability
AASPICE: Anasift's Analog Simulator
ANASCOPE: Anasift's Analog Symbolic analysis Tool

AMPSO is an analog optimization system for high performance analog IC building circuits including operational amplifiers and other analog building blocks. AMPSO-OADFM is an optimization tool of analog design for manufacturability to insure high yield and accurate analog silicon implementation.


Privately held, with two rounds of investment funding through venture capital, corporate, and private investment sources.?Investors include: Cross Pacific Venture, Ascentech Venture, and individual semiconductor veterans.


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