ANASCOPE: Anasift's Analog Symbolic Analysis Tool
AMPSO: The High Performance Analog Optimization Tool
AMPSO-OADFM: Optimization Tool of Analog Design For Manufacturability
AASPICE: Anasift's Analog Simulation Tool

ANASCOPE: Anasift's Analog Symbolic Analysis Tool
  ANASCOPE is Anasift's analog symbolic analysis tool that can extract factorized simplified symbolic transfer function given a SPICE netlist. Factorized symbolic transfer functions provide insights to the performances of analog circuits including poles and zeros that dominated the speed and stability. ANASCOPE is integrated with AMPSO optimization engine.
- Automatic analog symbolic transfer function calculation






- Symbolic pole and zero analysis
- Root locus Analysis
- Sensitivity Spectrum Analysis
- Provide insights to analog circuit behavior and topology

AMPSO: The High Performance Analog Optimization Tool
- Dramatically Increased Analog Productivity






- Design Reuse and Process Migration
- Reduce Power Consumption and Die Size
- Optimization of Ultra High-performance Analog Behaviors
- Process Independence (CMOS, bipolar, and BiCMOS)
- Symbolic-Driven Optimization
- Standalone Complete Optimization System Requiring Only One CPU
  AMPSO™ is a transistor-level analog optimization system integrated with Anasift's AASPICE analog simulation engine and incorporates Anasift's symbolic analysis engine for high performance analog building blocks including opamps, analog buffers, comparators, voltage regulators, line drivers/receivers and other circuit blocks. AMPSO is sold as a stand-alone analog optimization system. Analog designers can get high quality results in hours using AMPSO in what would take them days or weeks using conventional manual techniques. The inputs to the system are the SPICE netlist, transistor process models, and design requirements that include design corners, gain, bandwidth, phase margin, harmonic distortion etc. The output is a SPICE netlist sized and optimized to meet designer’s requirements. AMPSO delivers the industry’s highest performance analog results in terms of speed of convergence, high performance and reliability. Op amps optimized by AMPSO can be used in the popular analog-to-digital data converters with specifications 8-bits, 205MHz samples per second. AMPSO can improve the power consumption by 40%, die size by 30%, and reduce design times from 3 weeks to 1 day for these high performance op amps and other analog building circuits.

AMPSO-OADFM: Optimization Tool of Analog Design For Manufacturability
- Improve Design Manufacturability






- Increase Manufacture Yield
- High Performance Analog Optimization

AMPSO-OADFM, incorporating the engine of Anasift's analog optimization tool AMPSO, is targeting at the optimization of analog design for manufacturability for all kinds of analog building circuits including opamps, analog buffers, comparators, voltage regulators, line drivers/receivers, trans-impedance amplifiers, and other analog building blocks, or the analog characteristics of small digital cells.

AMPSO-OADFM takes a SPICE netlist or AMPSO optimization file as input. It accepts typical SPICE model files. It can optimize analog designs to meet high performace design specifications across statistical variations of manufacture process corners to improve manufacturability and to insure high yield and accurate analog silicon implementation.

AMPSO-OADFM is the best of the kind analog optimization tool that aims to provide analog design optimization with better manufacturability and yield for delicate, high-performance analog building circuits. AMPSO-OADFM can optimize a high-performance analog amplifier design for better manufacturability used in a 8 bits 205MHz sample per second ADC in less than one day in one regular Intel CPU yet requiring no SPICE license.

DFM attracts much attention recently in the IC design industry yet current DFM topics are focused mainly on the digital ICs. However the facts that more than 75% of SOC designs are mixed-signal, and analog circuits are more sensitive to process variation and prone to produce defects of mixed-signal IC functions make people realize that the key problem in DFM of mixed-signal SOC shall be more in the analog part than in digital. AMPSO-OADFM provides the best industrial solution to the optimization of analog design for manufacturability as well as the optimization of analog circuit performances including speed, power consumption, die size, linearity, etc.

AASPICE: Anasift's Analog SPICE Simulator

AASPICE is Anasift's high performance, high accurate analog simulator integrated with AMPSO analog optimization engine as a verification tool. It supports bsim3, bsim4, SOI, hisim, mos9, other models, and HSPICE netlist.

AASPICE is targeted for the analog simulation of high-performance analog circuits used in high-speed communications, networking, display, storage, consumer electronics, etc.

AASPICE is a high performance analog simulation tool that performs high accuracy analog simulation including DFT, FFT for fast and accurate total harmonic distortion analysis.

System Requirements
  AMPSO is Unix based and runs on Redhat Linux 7.3 or higher or Sun Solaris 8 or higher. Hardware requirements include a high performance CPU (2.4 GHz) with 2Gb of RAM. AMPSO requires a Linux machine to work as a license server.

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