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Symbolic-Driven Optimization


The reason that AMPSO delivers the industry’s highest quality results is that optimization takes advantage of the symbolic information that represents the complicated analog solid-state system and is tuned for high performance and fast analog optimization. Imbedded within AMPSO is ANASCOPE symbolic analysis engine. ANASCOPE analyzes a SPICE netlist and automatically extracts the symbolic transfer functions and symbolic pole/zero expressions of the analog circuit. Such symbolic expressions provide AMPSO optimization engine the explicit information on what parameters and how they impact the des gin constraints such as speed and stability. Such physical information guides AMPSO optimization engine, through a series of successive iterations of optimization with gradient feedback, to optimize the desired parameters to meet design requirements. AMPSO also integrates with Anasift's AASPICE analog simulation engine that is tuned for the verification of fast analog optimization. Once the goals are met, AMPSO can output a SPICE netlist ready for HSPICE verification and for importing to user’s schematics such as the Cadence analog environment.


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